TET Spain tips

On which Motorcycles did you travel?

Yamaha T700 and a Yamaha XT600E

Which tires did you use?

Front tire Mitas E13 (90/90-21) and rear tire Mitas E12 140/80-18 (these tires are only available in these sizes)

What was your itinerary?

We started in Barcelona and returned the bikes 14 days later in Malaga. As a route we followed as much as possible the TET from Barcelona to Gibraltar.

How did you experience the weight of the T700 compared to the CRF250L with which you traveled a lot?

The T700 is a great bike to ride off road. You hardly notice the higher weight while riding. At slow manoeuvres you feel the weight. Turning the bike around on a steep hill is a bit trickier with the T700 than with the CRF250L. If the T700 has fallen it is a tough job to get it up, especially compared to the CRF250L where you almost never fall anyway.

Where did you spend the night?

We camped in the wild as much as possible, we also slept in a hotel for a few nights to warm up and to wash and shower. Because we traveled in January, many campsites were closed (hotels too for that matter).


How did you transport your bike to Spain?

To save time, money and energy, we had the motorcycles transported to Spain. We used the services of Nord Cargo. You deliver your motorcycle in Moerdijk and about a week later you can pick it up in Madrid, Castellon, Barcelona or Malaga in Spain. We chose to pick up the bikes in Barcelona and return them in Malaga so we could ride as much of the TET in this part of Spain as possible.

What did you bring in terms of gear for this 14 day camping trip?

See packing list.

What was the cost for this trip per person?

About 600e for transportation, about 350e for food/drink and gasoline. And about 100e for staying overnight in hotels and camping (double room usually costs €50,- per night).

How did you do with food?

We cooked as much as possible ourselves: simple (one-pan) meals that we bought daily in the local supermarkets. In addition, we really enjoyed the Summit To Eat meals. Our favorite meals were the Morning Oats With Raspberry breakfast and the Chicken Tikka With Rice meal.


Is my bike suitable for TET Spain?

That depends on how well you can handle it... The route is, for the most part, good to ride with a medium adventure bike in dry conditions but there are some very tough sections in it. These can include very steep hills with large (loose) rocks, dry river beds with loose rocks, deep sand, mud and even snow at altitude in the mountains. If you are not very experienced and want to ride the Spanish TET with a heavy adventure bike you might make it (too) difficult for yourself. At least take someone with you to help you lift your bike.

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TET Spain tips
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