• Turkana Gear MagPie™ Utility Bag
  • Turkana Gear MagPie™ Utility Bag
  • Turkana Gear MagPie™ Utility Bag
  • Turkana Gear MagPie™ Utility Bag
  • Turkana Gear MagPie™ Utility Bag
  • Turkana Gear MagPie™ Utility Bag
  • Turkana Gear MagPie™ Utility Bag

Turkana Gear MagPie™ Utility Bag

MagPie™: order and efficiency in a compact design. Durable Sharkfur D600™ ripstop polyester. Configurable sleeves and padded protection. Convenient size for daily use. Includes padded pockets and removable sleeves.
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The MagPie™ offers advantages for those who prefers preparedness and practicality to saved time and less wear and tear on your belongings, everything has its place. Whether for daily work, hobbies, travel, off road and motorcycle adventure excursions and keeps your gear safe, organised, and within arm's reach.

The MagPie™ not only organises and safeguards sensitive tech electronics but also boasts the strength to carry tools, everyday essentials, or a personal first-aid kit. Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway, tackling a year-long journey in challenging conditions, or simply using it for daily carry, the MagPie™ is the ideal companion for any adventure.

NB: Colour may vary from time to time, consult your dealer for available colour options.


Get rid of clutter and keep it together. The MagPie™ is the multitasker EDC (Every Day Carry) organiser utility multi-use pouch. Designed, developed, and tested by the experienced round-the-world overlanders of Turkana, we endeavoured to create an extremely tough near indestructible adventure multi-purpose EDC.

Crafted and rigorously tested by seasoned round-the-world overlanders, our goal was to produce an incredibly durable and versatile adventure-ready EDC solution for for active adventurers, we understand the challenges firsthand and have the muddy t-shirts to prove it.

Magpie™ is more than just a pretty pouch

This ain't your grandma's purse fabric. Made from Sharkfur D600™ ripstop high tenacity polyester fabric, this tough little package is what a pouch would be if Chuck Norris, MacGyver and Bear Grylls were an EDC bag.

This isn't just your average fancy poseur utility pouch– it's your lifelong travel and everyday pocket pouch companion. This adaptable pouch seamlessly transitions from a reliable multitool carrier to a protective sleeve for tech electronics or even an emergency first-aid kit, courtesy of its removable inner sleeves.

Padded side protection: Say goodbye to bruised gadgets and dented dreams. The Magpie™ is tough enough to withstand beer spills, mud baths, and the endless rumble of the worst gravel roads. Keeping external hard drives, pills, mobile phones, camera gear and other sensitive items protected.

Lightweight and Compact: This utility pouch measures just 19cm x 8cm x 11cm, this size can hold more EDC gear than any other usual EDC pouch, making it a convenient everyday bag easily stored in your backpack or panniers.

Whether you're clipping it to your backpack or slinging it over your shoulder, the Magpie™ is always up for the adventure.


Versatility that puts a chameleon to shame! The ability to configure the utility pouch with the removable pages. From camera case to medical kit, organise portable chargers, charging power cords and accessories in a variety of the multiple secure pockets and elastic loops.

Efficiency is key: No more rummaging for that elusive headlamp! The Magpie™ keeps your gear organised and accessible, saving you precious adventuring time.

The Magpie™ EDC. It's the toughest, most adaptable travel companion you'll ever find, ready to take on the world (and all its washboards) with you.


  • 2 x Padded Pockets
  • 1 x Removable sleeve with 10 elastic loops and and 2 zip pockets
  • 1 x Removable sleeve with 10 vertical elastic loops and one big zip pocket.
  • YKK zips and zip pullers for easy grab when wearing gloves.
  • Carry handle
  • 3 x Pals webbing rows to attach carabiners and other items.

Magpie™ EDC: Key Features

  • Multitasker EDC Organizer: A multi-use pouch designed for everyday carry (EDC) items, capable of storing sensitive electronics, tools, and first aid kits.
  • Durable Material: Constructed from Sharkfur D600™ ripstop high tenacity polyester fabric, offering high durability and toughness.
  • Configurable Inner Sleeves: Features removable inner sleeves for organized storage of tools, gadgets, toiletries, and first-aid essentials.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Measures 19cm x 8cm x 11cm, providing ample storage while maintaining portability.
  • Padded Side Protection: Offers protection for sensitive items like external hard drives, camera gear, etc., against impacts and harsh conditions.
  • Easy-Carry Handle: Comes with a durable handle for easy carrying and attachment to backpacks.
  • Versatile Configuration: Allows for various configurations with removable pages, making it adaptable for different storage needs.
  • Efficient Organisation: Keeps gear organised and easily accessible, saving time during adventures.
  • Adventure-Ready Design: Designed by experienced adventurers, making it a reliable travel companion for any adventure.
      • Width: 8cm
      • Length: 19cm
      • Height: 11cm
      • Capacity: 1,6Litre

Erna N. Posted on 22 June 2024 at 21:34

Klein, maar heel fijn tasje, makkelijk om e.e.a. bij elkaar op te bergen.

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