• Turkana Gear HippoHips Hybrid Saddlebags
  • Turkana Gear HippoHips Hybrid Saddlebags
  • Turkana Gear HippoHips Hybrid Saddlebags
  • Turkana Gear HippoHips Hybrid Saddlebags
  • Turkana Gear HippoHips Hybrid Saddlebags
  • Turkana Gear HippoHips Hybrid Saddlebags
  • Turkana Gear HippoHips Hybrid Saddlebags
  • Turkana Gear HippoHips Hybrid Saddlebags
  • Turkana Gear HippoHips Hybrid Saddlebags

Turkana Gear HippoHips Hybrid Saddlebags

Turkana updated the beloved HippoHips soft saddlebags to a hybrid version. Introducing the ultimate travel companion for adventure riders: the Turkana Gear Hybrid Hippohips!
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With its innovative hybrid design, this versatile luggage system can be used in two different ways, making it perfect for all kinds of journeys.      

Firstly, it can be used as a classic universal type "over-the-seat” saddlebag that will fit the majority of motorcycles with some sort of pannier frame. Using the HippoHips™ together with the Classic Strap set they are easy to fit over the seat and strapped to your pannier frames. In this mode the bags are designed to stay on your bike during the length of your trip.  After riding all day on dirt roads or in rain the saddlebags often become very dirty. At your destination you simply take out your waterproof innerbags and carry them to your tent or hotelroom.

Secondly you can use the Hybrid HippoHips as a plate mounted set when used with Turkana's glass reinforced Nylon 6 mounting plates. This gives you quick-release funtionality but keeping the benefits from the classic mounted set. It is still light weight and you can still take out your innerbags when the outerbags are dirty. But when you have to park for the night in a dodgy alley or have to push you bike through a narrow doorway, they can be removed quickly. It can also be used a stand alone bag for easily filtering through heavy traffic, making it ideal for commuting and short excursions.

Designed for rugged terrain and extreme conditions, the Turkana Gear Hybrid Hippohips boasts a range of impressive features, including:

  • Durable construction: Made from high-quality materials and heavy duty stitching, this motorcycle luggage is built to last and can withstand even the toughest environments.
  • Modular: Hippohips are MOLLE compatible. Both sides of the HippoHips are fitted with PALS webbing, enabling you to fit or remove the suplied MOLLE pouches or any other compatible MOLLE product.
  • Waterproof and dustproof: Keep your belongings safe and dry no matter what the weather or terrain throws at you.
  • Field Repairable: No need to throw away when damaged. Field repairable saddlebags mean that most damages should be repairable by anybody with a sewing needle in most places around the world.
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty and damaged gear back up commitment. Also known as the "Oh Buggar" warranty


So if you're looking for a versatile, durable, and practical piece of luggage that can adapt to all your travel needs, look no further than the Turkana Gear Hybrid Hippohips!


Disclaimer:  Please note that Turkana products might vary in colour, material and construction from time to time.


A set of Turkana Hybrid HippoHips include:

  • 2 x Turkana HippoHips™ Outer Bags 
  • 2 x Waterproof Inners 
  • 2 x Turkana BushBaby™ Cannister MOLLE Pocket 
  • 2 x Turkana OxPacker™ Bottle MOLLE Pocket
  • 4 x Compression straps for the MOLLE Pouches


Combine with: 

Classic Strap set:

  • 2 x Foam Protectors for the rear of the bags
  • 2 x Over the seat straps with ladder-lock
  • 1 x Over the seat velcro strap set
  • 2 x Horizontal compression straps 


PlateMounted Strap set:

  • 2 x mounting plate: Glass re-inforced Nylon 6
  • 2 x Horizontal compression strap
  • 10 x clamp
  • 10 x bolt

Please note! For OEM BMW pannier Frames we have a Mounting plate adapter available



  • Dual Layer System  
  • Rhinocote™
  • 100% Waterproof Dustproof inner bags
  • HDPE backbone hard impact plates
  • Roll top closure 
  • Compression straps 
  • M.O.L.L.E system - attach and configure more accessory pouches
  • Field repairable
  • Universal fit to any type of motorcycle
  • Stowaway document pocket
  • Carry handles
  • Backed by a lifetime commitment
  • "Oh buggar!" gear backup commitment


Product Specs:

HippoHips Hybrid™

  • Capacity: 2 x 30L or 2x 20L or 20L + 30L capacity
  • Length: 35cm
  • Width: 20cm (30L) 15cm (20L)
  • Height unrolled: 63cm
  • Height rolled 3 times: 43cm
  • Weight: 5kg (incl. pouches and inner bags)


Gopher™  dry bags:

  • Capacity: 20 or 30L 
  • Length: 35cm
  • Width: 20cm (30L) 15cm (20L)
  • Height unrolled: 68cm
  • Height rolled 3 times: 46cm

OxPacker™  Water bottle holder roll top:

  • Capacity: 1,7L
  • Diameter: 10cm
  • Length: 22cm
  • Unrolled Hight: 38cm

BushBaby™  roll top canister pockets:

  • Capacity: 3L
  • Length: 16cm
  • Width: 8,5cm
  • Height unrolled: 35cm
  • Height rolled 3 times: 24cm




Jan S. Posted on 30 November 2023 at 12:22

After receiving the saddlebags, I took a close look at them. The material and workmanship are top. The functions are also outstanding. I bought the Tadhcne in conjunction with the mounting plates. The mounting plates are stable and easy to attach to the case rack. The saddlebags can be attached to the plates just as easily. I am absolutely thrilled.

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